Responsible Forest Harvesting Approach 

Environmental responsibility, from a commercial perspective, is a daunting and often overlooked task, however it is imperative to the longevity of not only the company and industry, but rather the species as whole. 

Here at Exotic Stonewood Flooring, we recognize that being environmentally ethical is not as one-dimensional as turning the lights off when leaving a room. Moreover, as a flooring company, we hold ourselves to a higher standard in terms of our environmental policy.

Simply put, we have a policy that must be followed in our managed forests, and that is "For every tree cut, three trees must be planted in it's place". Additionally, we do not "clear cut" the forests that we harvest from, rather we undergo a careful selection and harvesting process that insures and promotes the longevity of the environment, while simultaneously not compromising on the quality of our products. 

Lastly, the very nature of the products we carry encourage environmental sustainability. Brazilian hardwoods are magnitudes denser than nearly all domestic and foreign hardwoods and softwoods, meaning that Brazilian hardwoods can be installed and remain intact for centuries while, for example, Oak and Maple will last a few decades maximum. For example, if an outdoor deck was installed in Maple using one tree, it would have to be replaced every ~10 years. Meanwhile a deck installed in Ipe would last ~250 years, therefore for every 25 Maple trees that would need to be cut, one Ipe tree would be harvested. Furthermore, Ipe is immune to wood boring insects and pests which further increase it's projected lifespan over the Maple wood.

Ultimately however, our contributions to environmental sustainability is a grain of sand on a beach of changes that need to be made as a species. We must act as a community and make sustainability a priority for all generations to come, so that there can be generations to come.